August 15, 2012

Magic Bullets E-Book from LoveSystems

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Written by: Goku
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This definitive guide to successful dating that took 5 years to perfect will show you everything you need to know about meeting, attracting, dating and seducing the women you want.

Not just “good enough” ladies that are somewhere in the middle of the rating scale, but even “level 8” to “level 10” women – SERIOUSLY!

You’ll discover:

  • An almost 100% fool-proof way of meeting, dating and seducing gorgeous women that works like a charm – no pun intended! These techniques and approaches have been used by literally tens of thousands of men to achieve enviable results with attractive women!
  • How you can “modify” the way you are perceived by the opposite sex – it does not take any major overhaul or anything of the sort. Just understanding these simple concepts will automatically boost your confidence and actually make you “more attractive” to women within a 10-mile radius!
  • Where all the hotties hang out waiting for someone like you to come around – and it’s NOT where you usually think! You’ll even find out how you can score with stunningly gorgeous ladies in the most unexpected places.
  • How you can engage any girl in a fun and natural conversation – and progress smoothly to intimacy, physical touches, getting her number to… ehem… you probably know what naturally comes next.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls, common mistakes and all the intimacy-killers most men are guilty of – learn how you can spot these early on and be able to steer clear of them and polish the skills (both social, emotional and sexual) to make sure you’re always on top of your game.
  • PLUS! An Instant Coaching Session with the world’s #1 Dating Coach – only 20 minutes will change your dating life forever!

Make sure to get an extra black book – you’ll be needing it.

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4 of Gambler's Powerful Trainings for free!